Danny Glover


In a previous life I was immersed in the art and culture of the music industry, writing and producing in Los Angeles. Then a different muse caught my eye in the form of the seductive Pinot Noir, drawing me into the artistry of winemaking. After several years at various wineries such as Clos du Bois, Armida and Dutcher Crossing, I’ve decided now to honor my muse with a creation all my own: L’Objet Noir.

My philosophy on winemaking is really very simple. I pursue the finest vineyards and fruit, turning away grapes I believe would require too much manipulation. I am sure you will find the quality of the grapes, the vineyards and this wine will speak for itself.

My philosophy on life (in case you're curious) is to continually pursue a state of grace. Rarely have I achieved it (if ever) but it is always a goal of mine, so much so I have a tattoo as a reminder to strive for grace in times when I might not feel so inclined. And that can be more often than not sometimes... these times are trying, but I feel change is in the air and we're working towards greater understanding, acceptance and equality.

The pursuit of grace is, for me, an ongoing attempt to hold a disposition of kindness, courtesy or clemency (as defined by good 'ole Merriam Webster) despite having been attacked with a baseball bat in my youth, despite having people cross to the other side of the street when they see me approach, despite the whispered comments and eye-contact avoidance at various functions, despite suffering the prejudices and injustices so well known to those who share my skin color. It is a challenge, but I know we are up to it. Kindness. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Grace.

Thank you for your support of L'Objet Wines. Peace out.

Winemaker | Proprietor Dan Glover, circa 1970s

Danny with his L'Objet Blanc Sauvignon Blanc
Danny double fisting
Danny and Odin the Destroyer (of doggie blankets)

Gratitude is wine for the soul.
Go on, get drunk